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Computer Operating System

Overcoming Common Problems With Computer Operating System

Operating system is essential for a computer to function properly and to be able to process various command from the users. It provides graphical interface so you can just simply click the box or icons to proceed the task you want. Without operating system, a computer will be useless. There are different types of operating system for computers. The most popular one is Microsoft Windows.

About 80% of computer users in the world use this OS. It is user-friendly and compatible to computers made by different manufacturers. Another common OS is MacOS. Only about 10% of computer users in the world use it. It works compatibly with Apple computers and laptop. The next is Linux OS but this one is mostly used by corporates and scientific servers. As for Windows, it is mainly used for home and office computers.

Computer Operating System

Computer system

Every type of operating system may set different programming to support computer to work. However, they all basically have the same purpose which is to enable you to run computer properly so it can process any command you request. Basically, your computer will stop working without an operating system. Therefore, OS at https://agenpoker899.com is the key factor for it to run.

Windows Operating System

Windows operating system is used by the majority of computer users in the world because it provides the simplest option since it is pre-loaded or pre-installed on most computers. It is also relatively easy to use. As for Linux, it is not under one company. It has programmers all around the world collaborated. Therefore, you will find different versions of this operating system and it might confusing for newbies. That’s why it is mostly used by corporates and scientific servers to explore more programs.

Computer Operating System

Common computer problem

There might be various problems ensued with the operating system of your computer. Some of them are minor problems and some other are severe. Most common problems and considered minor include blank blue screen, lagging application, unable to install application, etc. there are many factors that can cause those problems such as lack of space in your computer disk drive, outdated system, or some other errors.

To overcome those minor problems, you can just restart the computer or update your operating system. However, you might need to contact professional if the issues persist. There might be some major factors that cause severe problems to your computer. However, the cost to fix operating system problem is usually cheaper than the when the problems are found in the hardware.

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