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without operating system

What Happens To Your Computer Without Operating System?

Operating system is integral part of a computer and basically all electronic, modern device such as smartphone, tablet, etc. It is the brain that allows the request or programs to proceed properly. A computer doesn’t speak human language, it speaks binary so you need to understand how machine code works to run a computer properly.

without operating system

System Management

With operating system, you can use it as translator to allow you to communicate with your computer so you can instruct a program or service request to perform by your computer. Thus, operating system has essential role to make sure that computer performs well. So what happens when your computer doesn’t have an operating system to support it?

Running a Computer

Running a computer, you will need to enforce a standard, systematic approach. You will have to write the right codes to do so. Only then, the computer understand what to do. Then, the computer will give response to the codes and proceed to translate it to a screen.

This can be complex, complicated, and time-consuming to even imagine. Creating code is not an easy thing to do especially for those who are unfamiliar with it. It is the job or developer. The user only know the final product of computer which is ready to use.

without operating system


Operating system is like an automatic map that will guide the driver to know where to go and reach the destination safely. Without operating system, the driver will be likely to get lost in the process because there is no system to help them understand the direction. With operating system, the driver will be able to drive the car to the destination without a fuss.

Aside from reaching the destination safely , operating system is also important factor that can ensure how fast you can do it. However, this may raise a question. ‘but a driver can reach destination without a map though?” Well it is true, but in how much time they need to do it correctly and safely?

In computer, operating system makes sure that not only can you do a single program, but you can also run multiple programs, even able to look back at them. Operating system also allows you keep a clock running in your computer without the needs to keep setting it manually. Without operating system, a program would take longer to proceed. You might only be able to do one program at a time. If it is this way, your computer will be less useful.

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