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Computer Operating System

The Main Function of Computer Operating System

Operating system of a computer play massive role because it what can help you as a user to run your personal computer without a hassle. Basically, operating system is like the brain of your body. It can also be referred to as translator because both you and computer don’t speak the same language.

However, being able to communicate with your computer is important so you can proceed to do various task on it. If you are not used to machine code or stuffs or don’t speak binary, the operating system is a savior then. However, there are also main functions of operating system on computer, such as:


– To start your personal computer and play, it will have to go through the booting process. It is a process to start your operating system. Therefore, your computer can proceed to work. During the booting process, the operating system check everything and make sure it’s all ready to work properly.

Computer Operating System


Managing memory

– Memory is one of the most important parts of a computer. Without it, you won’t be able to save file, or collecting everything in the right order for later access. That’s why operating system has main function as memory management. It is responsible to the programs and data runs on the computer. Without an operating system, your computer will have difficulties sorting out the data or programs.

Security of data

– Data contains everything your computer needs to run properly. It also contains information in different formats depending on the type of it. The data needs to be stored safely in your computer system. Therefore, the operating system functions to protect the data from illegal use, as well as deletion and modification.

Load and execute program

– An operating system in your computer is also responsible for loading process before a program is executed properly. With the existence of operating system, it is possible for the computer to have facility to load any programs stored in the memory. Basically, operating system is the only proper facility to allow the loading and execution of program.

Computer Operating System

Windows 10

Disk management

– Operating system in the computer is also responsible to manage the disk space. It manages all data stored in the disk and sort them accordingly. With operating system, you it will be easier for you to manage files or folders in your computer based on your wish. This way, you can access both files and folders in the future use easily.

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