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Types Of Computer Operating System

Types Of Computer Operating System To Know

Operating system for a computer is like a brain that tells what to do and proceed the programs instructed by the users. It is like facilitator that allow effective communication between you and your personal computer. Without operating system, your computer won’t do much for you. It may only have limited ability to function properly.

Meanwhile, you can do many things with the support of operating system running on your computer. It will be able to execute multiple programs at the same time.  Also allowing access for you to look back at your work anytime, and many more.

Types Of Computer Operating System

Types Of Computer Operating System

Operating system is not only needed for personal computer to function properly. It is only needed by other electronic, modern devices such as smartphone. However, different device needs different operating system. As for computer, there are three most common used operating systems. They are:

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows – It is the most common operating system used in a computer. It’s been existed since 1985. Safe to say that this operating system is the most popular one in the world. It is used for both hone and office computers. It is compatible to use in variety of computer from different manufacturers.

The initial version is MS-DOS and the latest one is Windows 10. Most people find it easy to operate computer with the support of Microsoft Windows OS. There have been various efforts to use this OS to smartphones but it was less successful than expected.


MacOS – This is another common operating system used for a computer. This runs perfectly on Apple desktops and laptops. It share similar Unix-related operating system with what Linux have. However, it has different graphical interfaces. The similarity lies on the programming interfaces as well as command line features.

Types Of Computer Operating System

Types Of Computer Operating System

There are some iconic and unique points of MacOS. Such as the command key, the dock, the colored-button, etc.  This particular OS is famous for its easy features to use such as Face Time, Siri, and many more.

Linux operating system

Linux operating system – This is the next popular operating system used for supporting computer. This one OS is not under one company. The OS itself was created in 1991 by Finnish Programmer, Linus Torvalds. However, the programs are run by various programmers all over the world now. That’s why there are wide variety of options in the plate that users can choose. This OS is rarely used for home or office computer but more like scientific servers or corporates. The good point of it is free of charge.

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