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Operating System For Computer

The Importance Of Operating System For Computer

Computer is designed to make your life easier. You can do many things with the help of your personal computer. You can type a document efficiently, save it, or send it as you wish without a fuss. It is so much different than when you write a letter on paper manually. You have to write the latter then proceed to put it into envelope then go to the post office to deliver it to the person you aim. This take so much time. Therefore, computer plays important role to make everything goes smoothly for you.

Operating System For Computer

Operating System For Computer

However, it is also important to remember that computer will be more or less useless without an operating system supporting it. It will be like a body without a brain to function properly. It may be able to do a thing for you but it will be much more limited. Computer speaks in binary which requires particular coding to perform properly. For decoders and developer, they may be able to run a computer in the rawest way possible.

Operating System

However, it is nearly impossible for average people to do so because the process itself is complex. However, the computer needs the code to run a program you instructed. Therefore, the operating system takes the role as the facilitator or translator between you and your computer to communicate. This way, the computer will understand what you want it to do.

A computer is a set of hardware that will be nothing without an operating system. To run properly, a computer needs a programs that is written in the instruction set compatible with the CPU. Your computer still needs to find a way to get that program into its memory. Then, it also has to find a way to tell your computer to start executing the program.

Operating System For Computer

Operating System For Computer

An operating system is usually provided pre-loaded in the computer you are going to buy. It is designed for easy use. There are different operating system in the market. Each may give you different experience when operating your computer.

Each type of operating system common used by the computer users also has its good and bad points. However, it is a matter of personal preference of which OS to choose. Some people are more comfortable to use Microsoft Windows OS. Meanwhile, some others may be more comfortable using Linux. They have basically the same purpose and function but provide different type of programming.

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