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Issues of Computer Operating System

Common Issues of Computer Operating System

Operating system is a software which has various main functions for a computer. It starts up the computer and keeps it responding to your command. With operating system, your computer can run properly. It will understand your command because it transcend the language barrier between you and the computer. Important jobs of operating system on computer include running applications as well as enabling you to interact effortlessly with them. Common Issues of Computer Operating System

Issues of Computer Operating SystemIssues of Computer Operating System

Issues of Computer Operating System

It also provides graphical interface you can see onscreen to help you make a command by clicking the icons or box. It helps control and manage the file system of the computer storage. Therefore, you can save, open, or delete data. It is also the one that help you communicate with the hardware to give instructions and accomplish the service or tasks you request.

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Aside from its massive role for a computer to run properly, there is always possibility for some problems to arise on the operating system. Here are the most common problems found in operating system:

DLL file missing

DLL file missing – This problem happens when there is issue with the OS in performing some functions such as damaged dynamic library link. This problems happens when your computer doesn’t how to respond properly to your command such as when you try to save a file. The cause is mostly the missing DLL file. This might not be major problem but it often happens in every type of operating system.

Issues of Computer Operating System

Issues of Computer Operating System

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death – This is also common problem when it comes to computer operating system. This happens when your computer suddenly blank or the screen that you can see is all blue. It usually comes with an error message on the screen. Technically, it is a trop error. Thus, it doesn’t mean your computer is broke. There might be different factors causing this problems such as some corrupted software or hardware issues. Sometimes, all you need to do is restart the computer. If the problem persist, however, you should contact your PC support service.

Application running too slow

Application running too slow – This is also common to happen in operating system. If your personal computer suddenly runs too slower than usual, there might be an issue with the operating system. The problem can be outdated OS or drivers. When you open an application, it loads too long to your liking. It also might be due to lack of space in your computer’s hard drive. What you can do is clean it or update the operating system.

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