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an operating system

What An Operating System Can Do On Your Computer?

Operating system is important factor for your personal computer to function properly. Computer is designed to do various programs to help you finish various tasks such as typing document, accounting, browsing on the internet, and many more. Without operating system, you won’t be able to do any of that.

It is the brain of your computer so without it, there won’t be code to proceed the program properly. Remember that computer speak binary with machine code and stuff. The only way you can run your personal computer is to have your system worked. It has role as the translator to allow proper communication between you and your computer at, if it makes sense.

An Operating System

Operating system is not only used in a personal computer. It is also used on other electronic devices such as tablet, smartphone, etc. Not every computer system is compatible to all device. There is variety of operating system type for every device. As for computer, there are three most common used OS; they are Windows, MacOs, and Linux.

an operating system

understanding the system

Each may have different characteristics and principles in the way they work. However, they serve the same purpose. They are also designed to be as easy as possible to use. Here are several things an operating system can do in your computer:

Controlling the performance of the system. Your computer will be useful if it is able to perform various programs under your instruction. To be able to do so, it needs constant monitoring. Thus, operating system is assigned that role to control over system performance. The measurement to identify whether or not the computer performs well is the time gap between services request and system response. Operating system also provides automatic troubleshooting to improve the performance of your computer.

an operating system


Detecting errors in the computer. With so many programs running on your computer, it is highly possible to have some errors at some points. However, the system has the ability to detect all those errors before they affect the computer performance significantly. This way, malfunctioning of computer system can be avoided.

Processor management. The operating system has control to decide the order of the programs that can access the processor. It also has the ability to track how much time it needs to proceed the request. Process scheduling is important part of computer because there are various activities in the computer that need to be managed properly. Processor is important element to proceed a program.

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