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Role of Operating System

Role of Computer Operating System Passes Through

Operating system plays important role for a computer to function properly. Without it, you will have to speak in machine code or binary language. Without operating system, your computer cannot do much for you. It will be as useless as a box because even if it can run a program from It will be limited and time-wasting. With operating system, your computer can run program effectively so that you can finish various tasks easily. Role of Operating System

Role of Operating System

Role of Operating System

Operating system provides specific Graphical User interface that you can use with a mouse to move, click, and see what it can do. With operating system, your computer will be able to recognize your instruction and proceed it.

Elaborating operating system in depth can be hard to digest especially because not everyone comprehends or is even familiar with the technical/theoretical knowledge. Most computer users only know how to operate a computer.  Also run a program with the existing operating system created by programmer and developer.

Role of Operating System

The role of operating system for a computer is to execute a process of program. However, it passes through different states, such as:

The first state is Start of the process. This is when the initial states proceeds. The process is created firstly to move to another state. The second state is Ready. This is when the process is waiting for the processor to allocate the operating system accordingly so that it can run properly.

Role of Operating System

Role of Operating System

In this process, the scheduler of operating system plays significant role in assigning CPU to other process after the Start state. The third state is Running. This is when the process has been assigned to a processor by the scheduler of the operating system. This is where the process state is running so that the next thing the processor does is to execute the instructions.

The fourth state is Waiting. This is where the Running state moves into waiting for the right resource to function. Things awaited in this matter include user input, available file, etc. The next state is Exit or Terminated.

When the execution process is finished, or terminated by the operating system. It will move to another state where it is terminated then wait to be removed from the main memory of the computer. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the states the operating system passes through might be different from one type to another. Each may have different basic principles of how it works.

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