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Operating system is a software which has various main functions for a computer. It starts up the computer and keeps it responding to your command. With operating system, your computer can run properly. It will understand your command because it transcend the language barrier between you and the computer. Important jobs of operating system on...
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Operating system plays important role for a computer to function properly. Without it, you will have to speak in machine code or binary language. Without operating system, your computer cannot do much for you. It will be as useless as a box because even if it can run a program from It will be...
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Computer is designed to make your life easier. You can do many things with the help of your personal computer. You can type a document efficiently, save it, or send it as you wish without a fuss. It is so much different than when you write a letter on paper manually. You have to write...
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Operating system for a computer is like a brain that tells what to do and proceed the programs instructed by the users. It is like facilitator that allow effective communication between you and your personal computer. Without operating system, your computer won’t do much for you. It may only have limited ability to function properly....
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Operating system is essential for a computer to function properly and to be able to process various command from the users. It provides graphical interface so you can just simply click the box or icons to proceed the task you want. Without operating system, a computer will be useless. There are different types of operating...
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Operating system is integral part of a computer and basically all electronic, modern device such as smartphone, tablet, etc. It is the brain that allows the request or programs to proceed properly. A computer doesn’t speak human language, it speaks binary so you need to understand how machine code works to run a computer properly....
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Operating system is important factor for your personal computer to function properly. Computer is designed to do various programs to help you finish various tasks such as typing document, accounting, browsing on the internet, and many more. Without operating system, you won’t be able to do any of that. It is the brain of your...
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Operating system of a computer play massive role because it what can help you as a user to run your personal computer without a hassle. Basically, operating system is like the brain of your body. It can also be referred to as translator because both you and computer don’t speak the same language. However, being...
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